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This religious tour is a round trip starting from Pokhara and ending as well. It’s a three days and two night long with the nights being spent in Sworgadwari and Supa Deurali. The route covers: Pokhara, Bhalubhang, Sworgadwari, Gorushighee, Supa Deurali, Shashwat Dham. You will be visiting all the temples and religious places that coincide with the route.

This tour departs and ends in Pokhara and is provided on a Hiace.
This tour is created in mind for the pilgrims who want to travel around southern Nepal while visiting religious temples!

The same tour is available by Bus and SUV. Click here for Bus Tour. and SUV Tour.

DEPARTURE TIME Please reach the location at least 1 day prior to the departure.
Bus fares Accommodations on sharing basis
Food & Beverage Experienced Driver
Entrance fees(if applicable) Expenses of Personal Nature
Personal Insurance

This tour gives a complete package and freedom to the passengers. We are a company formed by people having more than 20 years of experience in travels & tours around Nepal. We have handpicked the itinerary and vehicles, so that you have an amazing experience!


Sworgadwari (स्वर्गद्वारी) is a hilltop temple complex and pilgrimage site in Pyuthan District, Nepal commemorating the special role of cows in Hinduism. It is said to have been founded by Guru Maharaj Narayan Khatri (Swami Hamsananda) who spent most of his life in the vicinity herding and milking thousands of cows. According to traditional stories, some of his devotees followed him to see where he took the cows, but they never could find him.

According to older people of the locality, he came from Rolpa to the present temple site and asked the owner of that land (landlord) to donate the land to him. He dug the land and obtained curd mixed rice and fire. He had explained that these things were those buried by pandavas in Dwapar yuga, when they worshipped in this place before departing to heaven. The landlord was astonished . He agreed to handover the land instantly. Thereafter the holy fire is burning continuously till then. Bivut (ash) of the firewoods burnt by the holy fire is believed to cure different physical disorders like headache, stomach ache, etc.

Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple (Supa Deurali Mandir) is a Hindu temple dedicated to devi which is situated in the town of arghakhanchi district, sandhikharka municipality in province no.5,Nepal.It is one of the famous pilgrimage site of western Nepal surrounded by magnificent hills. This place is worth visit for pilgrimage purpose as well as sightseeing a panoramic view.
Supa Deurali is connected with a myth story of a Lahure “the soldier in Indian army”. It is believed that when he was going to India he worship in the temple and vowed to the deity that if he return safely he will offer golden chain to the temple. He was successful in his mission but while returning back home he ignore and pass the way secretly. The miraculous power of Supadeurali brought him in temple and set the Lahure affixed at the middle of rock to be statue.

The statue of lahura can still be visible in the rock near temple. The importance of the significance of the devotees that can be seen here is increasing every day.
The deity has not only fulfilled the wish of many devotees but also it has been a boon for many children who are receiving education as the blessing of the deity.

Shashwat Dham

“We regard Shashwat Dham as a beginning of a new revolution for preservation of our spiritual heritage and all the elements associated with Sanatana dharma which needs to be preserved and shared with generations to come helping them make their lives more fulfilling,” said Binod Chaudhary, the chairman of CG Corp Global and founder of the Chaudhary Foundation.
Combining Sanatan Dharma and spiritual growth, Shashwat Dham aims to be a destination for learning. Amidst the scenic foothills of Nawalparasi and spread over 12 verdant acres, the temple is a destination for explorers, spiritual seekers and nature lovers alike to discover ancient knowledge and inner peace. It lies in the Devchuli region of the Nawalpur district on the east-west highway and is 22 km west from Narayanghat.



Day 1: Pokhara — Bhalubhang — Sworgadwari

The tour starts from Pokhara, so the passangers are requested to arrive in Pokhara at least a day before departure. We leave for Sworgadwari early at 7:00 from Pokhara Tourist Bus Park. We travel through Bhalubhang and have overnight stay in Sworgadwari on sharing basis.


Day 2: Sworgadwari — Gorushighee — Supa Deurali

On the second day, we move early morning at 7:00 from Sworgadwari and leave for Supa Deurali while visiting Gorushighee on the way. Overnight Stay at Supa Deurali on sharing basis.


Day 3: Supa Deurali — Shashwat Dham — Pokhara

From Supa Deurali, we take a short road trip to Shashwat Dham. After departing from Shashwat Dham, we head back to Pokhara, hence ending the tour from where it started.

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